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Day Four:

             Breakfast (at where else but Delifrance again!!) and then packed up and got ready for check-out. Waited for our van. Since we had a lot of time to kill, we left our bags at the agency and went to get two tickets for Cicakman movie and also to do some last minute shopping. I bought loads of Malay posters and books for school, considering it was difficult to get them in Singapore. And, oh! I totally HATE the toilet at the mall. Damn, damn disgusting and gross! I couldn't wait to get back to Singapore because of it. (This one I cannot say much coz some public toilets in Singapore is also as smelly and nauseating as the one in Penang too) (The toilet at JB City Square is damn, damn wonderful, though. Like the one in The Cathay. Good job!)

                 As for Cicakman, it was damn, damn entertaining! I especially liked A.C's character. Frigging funny! After P. Ramlee era, wasn't a fan of Malay movies except for "Baik Punya Cilok" by Afdlin. Have the VCD. I definitely will buy Cicakman once it's on VCD. *lol* Aight, by 9pm, it was homeward bound.


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