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Day Two:

              Started the day with a hearty FREE Delifrance buffet breakfast. *grins*This time, we learnt our lesson. Just a short trip to the basement and we save RM$10 for room charges. :-)

              We then proceeded straight to Penang Hill after breakfast to avoid the scorching heat if we were to go there in the noonish. As it turned out, I thought Singaporeans were kiasu. But during my time there, I realized, some of the people there are even worse than what we have here. Imagine just literally shoving and standing in front of me when it was OBVIOUS I am already at the door first. WTF. I pushed back, don't worry. Ha! Perhaps kiasuism is in the blood of Asians I suppose. I saw a couple of Westerners in the station but they seem relax and take things easy about this whole fiasco. So paisey.

               It was jam-packed in ALL the tram cabins. See how close it is. Note that the guy below IS NOT Dy. The Arab guy in front of me has his elbow this close to my forehead. Could even take a close-up of his CK belt. Kaya.. kaya.. kaya.. Yeah right, for all you know, he went to buy one at the Batu Ferringhi night market. Hahaha. But yeah, considering that you only have 2 small joint coach going up and down, one can't help but to squeeze oneself to avoid being squash.

               Thank God the tram ride wasn't like an hour or something. After 1/2 hour, we reached the peak. The sight was magnificent. Subhanallah. Too bad couldn't go through the canopy walk. Apparently, termites were eating away the trees/bridge and they haven't fixed the problem yet. Ah.. I see. Benda tuh nampak dah macam few months back tapi masih takder progress pun. Mungkin kena tunggu till next year baru can use back the canopy walk :-)

                 On the way down, managed to get into the first cabin and see the driver's cockpit/cabin. Look mum! No hands! Sheesh.
No lah, he is not calling his mother. He is asking his guys who to skodeng with tonight. Hahahaha. But wah lau, no need to kerek lah. Act professional lah a bit. There are angmohs watching also. Show a bad impression lah.

                  We saw a small road which had a name with a familiar ring to it. Could it be the ancestral road of the Monyots? Ida you didn't tell me you have a road name for your family over here !!! Hehehe

                    After that, we went to the late P. Ramlee's home. There was a lot of info there. Even got to see his report card when he was schooling and, yeah, even P. Ramlee used minyak MBR lah! Of course lah, last time where got Gatsby or Zaitun so MBR is the best !!!


                    At the end of reminiscing P. Ramlee's golden days, we continued to... Mydin!!! And yes, I went berserk buying things yet again and then we continued to buy the all-famous must try dish they have in Penang. Nasi kandaq SATuUUUu!(ikut telo orang sana.)  This one no comments lah coz I also buy stuff at Mydin also. But the driver who brought us to the Nasi Kandar stall claim that whenever Tun Dr Mahathir drop by Penang, he will not go elsewhere but only at this stall to eat his Nasi Kandar. Name of the restaurant: Hameediya Restaurant :-) Yeah right!!

                     Once the food were all lapped up by the two hungry honeymooners, we took a dip in the swimming pool and ended the day with more shopping at the Batu Feringghi bazaar. Along the way, the taxi driver told us stories of their experiences when the tsunami hit a village there. He showed us the now barren land which used to be the village and pointed to us a few rows of 4-5 storey flats which apparently were built to house victims who had lost their homes to the natural disaster. Oh, and yeah, hearing his account on how the people who were praying at the mosque that fateful day, saw the water swirling around the mosque and left worshippers unscathed, made me in awe of God Almighty. The almost rundown mosque (which reminded me of Masjid Jamek at Queenstown), stood strong while all the other houses were washed away.

Day Three