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Day Three:

              Another wonderful day, starting with a breakfast at you-know-where. Heh. We then went to the Toy Museum which was located a mere 5-minutes walk from our hotel. While I stood beside my favourite TMNT, Leo, I have Dy, smiling cosily with his good friend. Good friend with the Predator ??? Hahaha...

                      There were loads of toys at the museum and the kid in us frantically searched for toys of yesteryears. Took TOO many pictures but just displaying some here. Hehe.

Aliens Bruce Lee
Bug's Life Dy's feet with Ftastic 4's Thing's feet
The ever-cute Gizmo! ..and the yucky gremlin.
Skeletor, He-Man & Castle Grayskull I used to have this tiger thingy!
Inuyasha & Kagome+Shippo! The Black Pearl
LOTR Pokemon
My shot of Boo was too small! Mike Wazowski or something. Heh.
Spidey and Dr. Octopus My favouritest villain of all time!
Another good friend. Just like looking into the mirror.
Yesteryear TMNT Wolvie


                  Naturally, I went crazy seeing the many Star Wars stuff.

Over there look. A war is rising. Checkmate.
Time for a council. Ho ho ho. Share shisha, anyone?
Ulps! Hanging around. Chilling out. Nice.
Beep. Beep. Bob. Peew. Peet. Another cute furry thing. Ewoks.
Bar-top dancing @ the Cantina. He he.
Looks frigging life-like.

Setep garang.

                    After running loose at the museum, we had a long, long walk (mostly because we got lost), to nowhere. And then, it was time to turn in early for the 10-hour trip home the next day. Biasalah, dah banyak makan so time to trim down by walking aimlessly. Nasib baik we know the area roughly. Hehe

Day Four